Ballast Pit

Ballast Pit is located 135.340 kilometres from Mungar Junction. Sidings were provided to the Ballast Pit in the Burnett River and telephone connection with Maryborough and Mungar Junction.

The accommodation consisted of a loop siding 110 metres in the clear that ran parallel to the Main Line and fitted with a choke block with three Dead End Sidings off the Loop siding.

The No 1 Dead End siding was 680 metres long, No 2 Dead End siding was 300 metres long and the No 3 Dead End siding was 420 metres.

The Dead End sidings were on a steep gradient of approximately 1 in 30, and extreme care was taken when shunting the Ballast Pit sidings especially in wet weather.

No 3 Dead End siding takes off No 2 Dead End siding at 200 metres and runs in the opposite direction to No 2 Dead End siding for a distance of 180 metres.

Up and Down Home Signals were provided on the Main Line with the normal position of the signals in the “Proceed” position. Fettlers from the No 9 Gang Home Station Humphery, working Humphery – Gayndah section had the tireless job of loading wagons in the Burnett River with a pick and shovel.

The late Ron Cooper of Gayndah, a Fettler in the No 9 Gang Home Station Humphery was one of the hard working men from the gang who loaded wagons by hand with a shovel.