Our Vision

Gayndah Heritage Railway Rail Trail Incorporation (GHRRTI) is a non-profit organisation registered under Queensland Associations Incorporation Act 1981 Section 15.

The organisation is dedicated to preserve and cherish the history of the Gayndah District Railway and is committed to transform the oldest town of Queensland into a promising, family friendly tourist destination.

Tourists will have the opportunity to view and photograph the retired M Class Series “Sunlander” carriages. Art exhibits will be put on display around the stations for the tourists to witness the works of the local artists. Tourists will be given the option to stay in a refurbished “Sunlander” sleeping carriage to experience a night in unique accommodation.

Data collected over a four year period from 2009 to 2012 indicated an average 463,000 visitors travelled to Bundaberg and 93,000 visitors to the North Burnett Region, a total of 556,000 visitors. On average, visitors stayed 3.4 nights in Bundaberg and 2.9 nights in North Burnett. GHRRT believes that given the introduction of products and services that are in trend and enticing across all customer demographics.

The organization developed marketing strategies namely: collaboration with stakeholders; exploring new partnerships; and focusing on promotional events. Drive tourists are the primary target market of the organization, however car owners and people who love to drive are also given attention in our marketing plan.

GHRRT will be managed by members and volunteers through supervision of the Board of Management. GHRRT will coordinate with schools within the North Burnett Region offering Hospitality and Construction courses under the supervision of their Teachers which will become the pool of volunteers of the organization.

The GHRRT Board of Management is committed to ensuring the project plan is developed and managed in the best interest of the stakeholders. The aim of GHRRT is to develop the region’s economy and invigorate growth in the towns of Mount Perry, Biggenden, Gayndah, Mundubbera, Eidsvold and Monto through the development of a heritage railway, including a static rollingstock display and rail trail adventure known as “Burnett River Rail Trail” from Gayndah to Mundubbera for all locals and visitors to the North Burnett Region.

The GHRRT Board of Management believe that the proposed 5 Year Project Plan will:

  • Enliven the small towns in the North Burnett Region, through the creation of a heritage railway and rail trail.
  • Potentially increase the rural economy in the North Burnett Region especially in the towns of Mount Perry, Biggenden, Mundubbera, Eidsvold and Monto.
  • Improve the marketing viability of the region by increasing the recreational activities for those living in or considering to relocate to the region.
  • Increase employment opportunities in the North Burnett Region.

Members of GHRRT are committed individuals armed with different expertise in all fields necessary for the successful implementation of the initial 5 Year Project Plan.

GHRRT have developed this exciting heritage railway project to boost the economy growth of Gayndah and the North Burnett Region. The heritage railway project will be a leader in providing skills to the unemployed in the Work for the Dole Scheme, a State and Federal Government initiative.

A unique collection of early designed railway bridges offer the railway enthusiast an insight into early bridge structure and engineering. The area’s undulating countryside offers several lookouts including Archer’s Lookout, Binjour Lookout and Mt Gayndah, with views over the citrus orchards, Burnett River and rural countryside. Relaxing country drives offer secluded picnic spots beside billabongs and pastures bring the scent of thousands of citrus trees in the air.

Claude Wharton Weir, 3 kilometres west of the town on the Burnett Highway (A3) is a popular fishing spot. Australian Bass, barramundi, golden perch, spangled perch and catfish are the most commonly caught species. The Burnett River is also the home of the Lung Fish “ceratodus”.


Jason Cooper

President GHRRT