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Members of GHRRT wish to share a personal story from  local Gayndah resident, Miss Kerry Goodwin.


Kerry’s Journey

A warm welcome to you all for visiting the website of Gayndah Heritage Railway Rail Trail (GHRRT). GHRRT is a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving the history of the Gayndah Railway with family friendly tourist attractions for all ages.

My name is Kerry Goodwin and I would like to share my personal story of my involvement with GHRRT. In March 2015, I was approached by members of GHRRT expressing their interest in sponsoring me as their 2015 Queen Entrant in the Gayndah Orange Festival that is held every two years in the Oldest town in Queensland. 

At first, I was a little nervous as this opportunity would certainly put me in the spotlight within our community and the thousands of visitors who travel hundreds of kilometres to enjoy the festivities of a Gayndah Orange Festival.

I reached out to my close friends for advice and they encouraged me to accept the offer by members of GHRRT. I accepted their offer and I never looked back! 

My friends jumped on board and assisted me and the members of GHRRT in fundraising for this exciting life opportunity. Barefoot Bowls Day, sausage sizzels, raffles and much more was held to raise funds for the Gayndah Orange Festival Committee. 

A float would need to be constructed for me on the day of the Orange Festival and I enquired to GHRRT Secretary and Treasurer Jason Cooper of what I was required to do! Jason replied, members of GHRRT will look after the construction of the float and for me to enjoy this special journey! 

The “Brown Bomber” constructed by members of GHRRT for our 2015 Queen Entrant, Miss Kerry Goodwin. Photo courtesy Jason Cooper.

I was amazed of the commitment by the members of GHRRT as they began the construction of my float. My float to be constructed was a C17 Steam Locomotive known as the “Brown Bomber”. I could not picture the float but was feeling the excitement of something special. 

The “Brown Bomber” positioned on the truck for the final decorations. Photo courtesy Jason Cooper.


A unique view of the “Brown Bomber” with the citrus fruit as an added attraction. Photo courtesy Jason Cooper.

For 6 weeks members of GHRRT constructed my float using materials from Gayndah Fruitgrowers (Mitre 10) and to see the finish product the day before the Orange Festival was truly an amazing feeling!

2015 Gayndah Orange Festival Queen entrant Miss Kerry Goodwin, all smiles in preparation for the Orange Festival Parade on board the footplate of the “Brown Bomber”. Photo courtesy Jason Cooper.

I could not wait to put myself on the “Brown Bomber” in the Orange Festival possession with GHRRT Patron Bill Spry and Jason as the loco crew. 

The loco crew of the “Brown Bomber” retired Gayndah Guard and Patron of GHRRT Mr Bill Spry and President Mr Jason Cooper take time for a photo with Queen Entrant Miss Kerry Goodwin. Photo courtesy Alan Cooper.

My involvement with the community and the other Orange Festival Queen entrants was very rewarding and fruitful. I gained new skills and experience that I can now take with me well into the future. 

If there is one piece of advice I could give to the children in our community it would be “to make the most of your opportunities in life by gaining new skills, enjoy the interaction with your peers, develop self confidence and most of all, have fun”!

I encourage all mums and dads, children, grandparents and visitors across the world to support the members of Gayndah Heritage Railway Rail Trail and their vision for exciting family friendly attractions that we can all enjoy and benefit in the Oldest town In Queensland. 

Become a member of GHRRT and enjoy the amazing journey!


Kerry Goodwin

2015 Gayndah Orange Festival Queen Entrant